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  • His game has evolved in recent years from clay to become more all-around.
  • He began making animal figures from clay when he was eight, then switched to wood.
  • So God created Adam as a human and his body was from clay.
  • The differences are so great that you would hardly think the brick could have been made from clay. Cited from Lessons on Soil, by E. J. Russell
  • There are several buildings, made from clay and stone.
  • As completed, the lines are largely built from clay and chalk and were high when completed.
  • The islands were formed from clay and sand deposited following the end of the last ice age.
  • The gods were said to have created human beings from clay for the purpose of serving them.
  • Many of these artistic works made from clay were never fired but some still remain intact in his home.
  • The -story house has a five-bay the front constructed of brick from clay deposits on the site.
  • He almost immediately began making stoneware from clay that he would purchase from Ohio.
  • Its bricks are made from clay taken from the hill on which it stands.
  • They were made from clay left over from the pot or sculpture you are about to fire.
  • These were usually large, female-looking dolls made from clay.
  • The novel is written in the first-person, from Clay's perspective.
  • During the little spare time he had, he painted and made models from clay deposits found on his land.
  • Any word of praise from Clay made the world a sunshiny one for him. Cited from The Big-Town Round-Up, by William MacLeod Raine
  • Several parts are made in the central cities of each country, while other parts are molded from clay by women of local areas.
  • This site has large structures built from clay that date to the Middle Preclassic period.
  • It is made from clay with some sand soil.
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