frigid conditions

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  • By the end of the war, they had evaluated nearly every type of aircraft in the frigid conditions of interior Alaska.
  • Though he prefers frigid conditions, Frostbite has served on missions in a variety of combat situations, driving several different vehicles.
  • Many of the Western Union workers were unaccustomed to severe northern winters and working in frigid conditions made erecting the line a difficult experience.
  • Some ungulates that live in frigid conditions often have pads under their hooves to help have a stronger tension on the icy ground or to help in climbing up on rocky terrain.
  • Although the Omega Block broke down on November 20, due to a powerful storm moving into the Gulf of Alaska, frigid conditions continued to persist across much of the United States.
  • Evidence of this life is that sponges, crinoids, scallops, snails, fish and many microorganisms thrive under the ice in the Antarctic area of New Harbor, despite the frigid conditions.
  • Following the 14-10 victory on December 29 over the New York Giants, played under frigid conditions at Wrigley Field, Allen received a rare honor when he was presented with the game ball following the contest.
  • With somewhat less frigid conditions and considerably greater precipitation, trees grow to a larger size and in denser stands in the Low Subarctic Ecoclimatic Region [LS] than in the High Subarctic Ecoclimatic Region.