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  • She saw with half an eye she could frighten you both, you poor things. Cited from The House by the Church-Yard, by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
  • What for did you frighten me with that letter I got last week? Cited from The Golden Shoemaker, by J. W. Keyworth
  • He tried to frighten her by saying he should not stop the horse again. Cited from Baby Pitcher's Trials, by Mrs. May
  • I will stay close by you, and take good care that nothing frightens you. Cited from The Nameless Castle, by Maurus Jokai
  • It almost frightens me that I can care so much a second time. Cited from Red Pottage, by Mary Cholmondeley
  • It frightens me to think what the life here would be for her. Cited from The Storm, by Aleksandr Nicolaevich Ostrovsky
  • It seemed that it would interest rather than frighten her friends to hear of it. Cited from The Second Latchkey, by Williamson
  • We cannot stop now, even though it frightens us that we are alone in our knowledge. Cited from Anthem, by Ayn Rand [Alice Rosenblum]
  • I don't know why it f-frightens me so to think about that. Cited from Hidden Creek, by Katharine Newlin Burt
  • It would take more than an old woman to frighten me! Cited from The Wharf by the Docks, by Florence Warden
  • Men talk about things when they are alone which would frighten ladies. Cited from In Honour's Cause, by George Manville Fenn
  • I do not know what it is here that frightens me so. Cited from Diane of the Green Van, by Leona Dalrymple
  • I am sure they had to stay there all night, and that something frightens them. Cited from Grandmother Dear, by Mrs. Molesworth
  • Should he be civil and friendly, or should he just go in and frighten them all? Cited from Dick and Brownie, by Mabel Quiller-Couch
  • So made up that it frightens me even more than you. Cited from Star-Dust, by Fannie Hurst
  • This evening the road through the wood did not frighten him, though the sun was down. Cited from The Voice of the People, by Ellen Glasgow
  • But they don't frighten me as much as one or two of my own friends. Cited from Gallipoli Diary, Volume I, by Ian Hamilton
  • He would frighten her a bit, and get the money after all. Cited from Queen Hildegarde, by Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards
  • Besides, if it did frighten them a little, she didn't much mind. Cited from The Second Latchkey, by Williamson
  • I don't suppose that we shall hit them, but it may frighten them. Cited from At the Point of the Bayonet, by G. A. Henty
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Meaning of frighten

  • verb Cause fear in
    The stranger who hangs around the building frightens me, Ghosts could never affright her
  • verb Drive out by frightening