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  • This left her alone and friendless at the beginning of a new school year.
  • What though you are to leave your children poor and friendless? Cited from Birth Control, by Halliday G. Sutherland
  • She found herself more utterly alone and friendless than at any time in her life. Cited from The Hollow of Her Hand, George Barr McCutcheon
  • They know nothing save the fact of the child's being friendless. Cited from The Little Lady of Lagunitas, Richard Henry Savage
  • Who would take a friendless girl to any sort of an institution at this season? Cited from New Faces, by Myra Kelly
  • For five years we made out our friendless and deserted existence in company. Cited from At a Winter's Fire, by Bernard Edward J. Capes
  • When he was a young man he went to New York, poor and friendless. Cited from How to Succeed, by Orison Swett Marden
  • She had now his name, his rank, and his money, but she was friendless and alone. Cited from The Claverings, by Anthony Trollope
  • A friendless creature who had no real hold upon any one. Cited from Joyce of the North Woods, by Harriet T. Comstock
  • She sent him to a place known as the Home of the Friendless. Cited from The Nest in the Honeysuckles, and other Stories, by Various
  • Thou art bold to come out on such a morning, and friendless too. Cited from The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. 19, No. 536
  • I've done no more than was right, and you alone and friendless, and night coming on. Cited from Marie, by Laura E. Richards
  • Never in her life had she been so utterly friendless and alone. Cited from Cicely and Other Stories, by Annie Fellows Johnston
  • Of what use would all this wealth be to me an old and forgotten friendless man. Cited from A Rip Van Winkle Of The Kalahari, by Frederick Cornell
  • You went with her because she was alone and friendless. Cited from The Incomplete Amorist, by E. Nesbit
  • "Because a lost woman is a more friendless creature than a lost man." Cited from The Evil Genius, by Wilkie Collins
  • Not long ago my heart was breaking because I was friendless and in trouble. Cited from He Fell In Love With His Wife, by Edward P. Roe
  • Armstrong had been very kind to him when he was poor and friendless. Cited from The Beginner's American History, by D. H. Montgomery
  • They were so friendless now, she in particular felt so completely deserted. Cited from Mrs. Warren's Daughter, by Sir Harry Johnston
  • I was broke and friendless, and what ideas I had were all wrong. Cited from The Ne'er-Do-Well, by Rex Beach
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