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  • The control of the city passed frequently from one empire to the other.
  • He never joined a church, although he frequently attended with his wife.
  • The term is more frequently used as an alternative name for the middle period.
  • He learned French, which became the language he used most frequently in writing.
  • It was also frequently played at the start or end of official functions.
  • Black is frequently used as a color of power, law and authority.
  • They also frequently ask me if I think I will see him again.
  • There were several tribes in the country who fought against each other frequently.
  • Soon the two scientists became close friends and met frequently to play music together.
  • Rocks fall more frequently on some days than on others, according to the recent weather.
  • He also frequently bought additional land in his own name.
  • Songs from his other shows, however, are still frequently performed and adapted.
  • They are further apart in their intellectual position than is frequently supposed.
  • Goals frequently cannot be separated from each other and often conflict.
  • It has frequently been referred to in many different media, including songs and television programmes.
  • Frequently used names or words were varied as much as possible.
  • Horses are frequently seen in television, films and literature.
  • In both the United States and Britain, police cars are frequently black and white.
  • The term black was used throughout but not frequently since it carried a certain stigma.
  • Washington frequently accompanied his wife to church services.
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Meaning of frequently

  • adverb Many times at short intervals
    we often met over a cup of coffee