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  • Education up to secondary level is provided free of charge by the government.
  • In the evening there are a few hours of free time.
  • The show eventually left free-to-air television in Australia in the 1970s.
  • Since his early childhood he spent his free time by drawing on any material he could find.
  • The elections however have been described as only partly free but certainly not fair.
  • She finally got free but afterwards kept her distance.
  • The public health services are universal and available to all citizens of the country for free.
  • The poor generally receive health care free of charge.
  • However, they did take the opportunity to obtain free money and weapons.
  • Do you mean to tell me that any young girl should be freer? Cited from The Return of Peter Grimm, by David Belasco
  • The State provides free education in primary and secondary public schools.
  • About the same time he wrote his work on Grace and Free Will.
  • Most of them were not a free call.
  • A school was also opened for freed children to go and get an education.
  • When they are alone he frees her and tells her how to escape.
  • Even though most have been freed a few still remain in prison.
  • The Council consists of representatives of citizens elected by direct and free elections.
  • All local free-to-air television services are now broadcasting in digital transmission only.
  • She frees him to test if she changed his ways, but he runs away.
  • The Party won the most votes in free elections but not a simple majority.
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Meaning of free

  • noun People who are free
    the home of the free and the brave
  • verb Grant freedom to; free from confinement
  • verb Make (information) available for publication
    release the list with the names of the prisoners
  • verb Free from obligations or duties
  • verb Free or remove obstruction from
    free a path across the cluttered floor
  • adjective Able to act at will; not hampered; not under compulsion or restraint
    free enterprise, a free port, a free country, I have an hour free, free will, free of racism, feel free to stay as long as you wish, a free choice
  • adjective Unconstrained or not chemically bound in a molecule or not fixed and capable of relatively unrestricted motion
    free expansion, free oxygen, a free electron
  • adjective Not held in servitude
    after the Civil War he was a free man