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  • Today the steel square is more commonly referred to as the framing square.
  • The new access hole has required the addition of new steel framing.
  • Framing is the practice by which agents make sense of what they are doing.
  • This is the most common form of end lap and is used most in framing.
  • Framing letters written by an "editor" serve to distance the author from the work.
  • Framing all this was his career as a writer and editor.
  • Even though the question is directed to a particular minister, it is his office that is responsible for framing a response.
  • We see the stories as Snow tells them in a framing sequence similar to the original.
  • Hitch held up his hands the way directors do when they're framing a shot.
  • The added framing make it possible to get the data from a source to a destination.
  • This could include the framing of games within understandings of film and written literature.
  • He was master of black-and-white photography who looked for perfect composition and framing.
  • Another common design was simple post framing, with heavy posts set directly into the ground, supporting the roof.
  • Another important question of the time was the framing of the constitution of the Church in Australia.
  • Common law courts at the time of the framing undoubtedly believed that they were finding rather than making law.
  • First small inside rooms framing, then later, whole walls were prefabricated and carried to the construction site.
  • Framing for these and other pieces is also available.
  • These are the pieces of framing that separate a larger window into smaller panes.
  • There, he offered portrait photographs, as well as film development and framing services.
  • The ones above and below are lines or borders framing the main central level containing the drinking figures.
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Root form of framing is frame for the verb.

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Meaning of framing

  • noun Formulation of the plans and important details
    the framing of judicial decrees
  • noun A framework that supports and protects a picture or a mirror
    the frame enhances but is not itself the subject of attention, the frame was much more valuable than the miror it held
  • verb Enclose in or as if in a frame
    frame a picture
  • verb Enclose in a frame, as of a picture
  • verb Formulate in a particular style or language
    I wouldn't put it that way, She cast her request in very polite language
  • verb Make up plans or basic details for
    frame a policy
  • verb Construct by fitting or uniting parts together