Fragile Allegiance

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  • Fragile Allegiance has a simplistic combat system with the player having no direct control over units once a fleet enters combat.
  • Fragile Allegiance was marketed as an intense deep space real-time strategy game complete with complex face-to-face diplomacy.
  • Fragile Allegiance was generally well received, achieving average to good scores from reviewers.
  • Fragile Allegiance is the spiritual successor to K240 and there are many similarities between the two.
  • Fragile Allegiance generally scored well with reviewers, with PC Gamer UK giving the game the Game of Distinction award and it was praised for its graphics, interface and sound.
  • Users of internet gaming site GameSpot rated Fragile Allegiance significantly higher than the site reviewer, rating it 8.6/10.
  • People report that Fragile Allegiance does not work properly on Windows XP and later Windows platforms, as the game was designed for MS-DOS and ported to Windows 95.
  • Described as a combination of SimCity 2000, Civilization and Risk, Fragile Allegiance uses an icon based GUI for all menus and game commands.
  • Fragile Allegiance is essentially a remake of Gremlin Interactive's 1994 Amiga game K240, with the graphics and user interface revamped for the improved PC hardware available at the time.