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  • Alice is fractionally more successful in her social life than fellow employees.
  • Finally, we allow players in a type to distribute fractionally over their strategy set.
  • The village was fractionally more diverse than the regional average.
  • The result was a victory for Ross, who held the seat with a fractionally increased share of the vote.
  • Each note is played simultaneously by two reeds, fractionally out of tune with each other.
  • First, it allows the train to advance fractionally and record the balance's oscillations.
  • For systems with low binding energies, this "lost" mass after binding may be fractionally small.
  • During their Premier League first season, they fractionally missed-out on UEFA Cup qualification.
  • In 2006, he again faced Long in the general election, and defeated him by a fractionally larger margin.
  • Starting 6th, he jumped the start fractionally - by the time the ride-through penalty was handed out, he was leading the race.
  • In the last two decades, several computer-automated experiments have been conducted to search for isolated fractionally charged particles.
  • Characters on wheels were easier to manipulate than those with limbs that needed fractionally moving many times for each second of filming.
  • Inspection of the Belgian pilots' victory lists also show victories being shared without being fractionally divided.
  • The total area of the pavilion covers fractionally over 100sqm, including the storage space for ground maintenance equipment.
  • Ireland is the third-oldest rugby nation after England and Scotland respectively, and the game was organised there fractionally before in Wales.
  • Victories could be shared, and counted as an addition of one to the score of each 'victor' rather than being divided fractionally.
  • With a wheelbase fractionally over six feet and a length under nine feet, it was also a lightweight weighing less than five hundred kilograms.
  • The shares fell, but only fractionally, and I waited. Cited from Four Max Carrados Detective Stories, by Ernest Bramah
  • But savings or time deposits would, as at present, normally be covered only fractionally by cash reserves.
  • The advantage is that it is possible to control rotating speed of the machine with a fractionally rated inverter.
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