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  • The company was sold after the founder's death by his son John.
  • The company is named after the first two letters of the founder's first names.
  • The Temple is managed by its founder's family throughout these years.
  • He was one of the founders of modern political philosophy and political science.
  • There are no records which date the establishment or founder's name.
  • What is it that has kept me from foundering as he has done? Cited from Jean-Christophe Journey's End, by Romain Rolland
  • It was short-lived and was forgotten after its founder's death.
  • Orders are led by grand masters, who will usually be the founder of the order.
  • Consequently he is considered an early founder of modern game theory.
  • She is considered one of the co-founders of object relations theory.
  • In this period his marriage foundered and he moved out for an extended period.
  • Members of the founder's family control the remaining share.
  • He was the last of the original founders to leave the company.
  • The Founder's Cup is now awarded to the second placed team.
  • Can one believe that the Founder of the universe had left this space empty?
  • As soon as they got under the fall the boat had filled and foundered. Cited from Alec Forbes of Howglen, by George MacDonald
  • In longer-lived orders the founder may have a successive grand master.
  • He found a religious order to keep the oratory going after its founder's death.
  • At the end of such a day one's very heart is foundered. Cited from Monsieur, Mme, and Bebe, by Gustave Droz v1
  • Her father was one of the co-founders of the village.
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Meaning of founder

  • noun A person who founds or establishes some institution
    George Washington is the father of his country
  • noun A worker who makes metal castings
  • verb Sink below the surface
  • verb Stumble and nearly fall
    the horses foundered