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  • Their faith is very much a foundational part of their marriage, family, and home.
  • If the only alternative is the fourth, then if one has knowledge, one has foundational knowledge.
  • Type sites are often the first or foundational site discovered about the culture they represent.
  • In addition to these foundational programs, the brothers designed several short courses to meet special needs.
  • He expanded his reading volumes, which built up his foundational ability to write.
  • The club is of open foundational type, not owned by any individuals.
  • His work is still considered a foundational contribution to the fields of art history and political theory.
  • Health leaders bring a different set of foundational capabilities and needs to their career development.
  • Here he produced foundational research of the effects of air pollution on plant growth.
  • But they share the foundational idea that what is good, ultimately, is the development of human nature.
  • Research works remained to be the foundational activity for the center.
  • It is now regarded as a foundational work in international law.
  • The school has five foundational principles on what a Sacred Heart school should be.
  • It has been called the foundational experience of Christian life.
  • Eventually he expanded it into a teaching series, including a foundational, intermediate and advanced class.
  • Beyond its foundational role, set theory is a branch of mathematics in its own right, with an active research community.
  • International English language schools use English as the foundational language.
  • The relationship of institutions to human nature is a foundational question for the social sciences.
  • Rights are often included in the foundational questions that governments and politics have been designed to deal with.
  • As such, it is still foundational for class field theory.
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