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  • This design became the foundation for most of his architecture over the next ten years.
  • This work is considered a foundation of all later study.
  • As the Foundation's president, she led numerous projects in support of children.
  • The school is co-educational, non-religious and is a non-profit foundation.
  • There are some six million historical documents in the foundation's central library.
  • It served as the foundation for his life's work.
  • Its legal form is that of a private non-profit foundation.
  • About half of the foundation's work is focused on international issues.
  • The method was adapted and became the foundation of other twelve-step programs.
  • It is said to have laid the foundation of his fame and reputation.
  • The Foundation's activities were also widely covered by the international media.
  • Foundations and such can still be seen when the lake is low.
  • Where possible, the foundation has taken legal action against those known to be producing such items.
  • Her family made their five lots the basis of the foundation's site.
  • Even after he retired, he remained active as the Foundation's vice-chairman.
  • The non-profit foundation is dedicated to cultural, scientific, church related and social issues.
  • Since that time, she has conducted professional classes for the Foundation's faculty.
  • The foundation's board was appointed by its management.
  • She later served on the Opera Foundation's board for a number of years.
  • Higher education generally involves work towards a degree-level or foundation degree qualification.
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Meaning of foundation

  • noun The basis on which something is grounded
    there is little foundation for his objections
  • noun An institution supported by an endowment
  • noun Lowest support of a structure
    it was built on a base of solid rock, he stood at the foot of the tower
  • noun Education or instruction in the fundamentals of a field of knowledge
    he lacks the foundation necessary for advanced study, a good grounding in mathematics