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  • He was put into a foster home at a very young age.
  • His mother has never been identified, and he was placed in foster care.
  • She spent the next four years in foster care when she returned to live with her mother.
  • She said my foster father had had no goals and no strength.
  • Most education was carried out by a child's parents or foster parents.
  • The purpose of the festival is to foster health and peace for the whole community.
  • Foster's first love lay in writing music and its success.
  • They had no children, but she was a foster-mother to his daughters.
  • The Foundation fosters social justice and human rights through community development and community services.
  • Their music fostered youth communication and united people with a common spirit of popular culture.
  • The boy's mother was never identified, and he was placed in foster care.
  • Don Foster has been re-elected in every election since.
  • His wife, if he have one, usually fosters this spirit for reasons of her own. Cited from The Quest of the Simple Life, by William J. Dawson
  • The school has a house system aimed at fostering team spirit and competition among students.
  • May and Foster were looking for a good source of power for a saw mill.
  • Campus life fostered by an active student government and many student organizations.
  • As a result, Foster was awarded the role due to her passion towards the character.
  • The club also fosters many other community activities as can be seen in other areas on this website.
  • The community was named for George Foster, an original owner of the town site.
  • One sister moved in with an aunt, while the other two were sent to separate foster homes.
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Meaning of Foster

  • noun United states songwriter whose songs embody the sentiment of the south before the american civil war (1826-1864)
  • verb Promote the growth of
    Foster our children's well-being and education
  • verb Bring up under fosterage; of children
  • verb Help develop, help grow
    nurture his talents