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  • Fortune's child as he was, he was never defeated in any battle.
  • You go around this community on three legs, and your fortune's made. Cited from Successful Recitations, by Various
  • She died, however, in the year after her marriage and left him the whole of her fortune.
  • To his mother and sister he left his considerable fortune.
  • He did not make his fortune, or even a living, so he turned to what he knew best.
  • Take him home with you and your fortune's made. Cited from The Story of Doctor Dolittle, by Hugh Lofting
  • With his personal fortune, he equipped the soldiers that would join him.
  • Carnegie believed in using his fortune for others and doing more than making money.
  • He also spent time evaluating his fortune and his place in the world.
  • This way, he saved a fortune that would otherwise have been lost in the failed campaign.
  • However, the change in management did not bring the change in fortunes expected straight away.
  • Her dying husband's last will forces her to decide between love and fortune.
  • Such an act would explain his remarkable rise in fortune in the years that followed.
  • Davis lost his first three cases before his fortunes began to turn.
  • The party's poor fortune did not last long, however.
  • Sometimes writers have had the bad fortune to lose their work and have had to start again.
  • He also worked to increase his personal fortune.
  • But fortune's gone against me this long time. Cited from The Emancipated, by George Gissing
  • I am not now in fortune's power; He that is down can fall no lower. Cited from Familiar Quotations, ed. by John Bartlett
  • Many of the great fortunes made during this period were made in the slave trade.
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Meaning of fortune

  • noun A large amount of wealth or prosperity
  • noun Your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you)
    whatever my fortune may be, deserved a better fate, has a happy lot, the luck of the Irish, a victim of circumstances, success that was her portion