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  • Fortunately, some of the produce finds its way into the road-side produce stands.
  • Fortunately, the situation did not last long, and the brothers very quickly settled.
  • Fortunately, the students were able to stay together in the same school.
  • Fortunately, he continued writing and his songs continued to get played and recorded by others all through that time.
  • Fortunately, another oil well was found just west of the town.
  • Fortunately, events did not lead to general war, which would have become a clear loss for both countries.
  • Fortunately, there were no services being held in the cathedral at the time.
  • Fortunately no one was injured but the car was a total loss.
  • Fortunately, about half way through the year a visit from friends and family was organised.
  • Fortunately, the aircraft had apparently dropped its entire load on the first run.
  • Fortunately, both teams survived, but the League felt the final could not go on.
  • Fortunately, the fire's path changed when it reached the village.
  • Fortunately this has not happened and Six Mile has remained much as it always was.
  • This was followed by four years of German occupation, fortunately without too much destruction.
  • Fortunately, it seems that the article won't have any practical effect.
  • Fortunately for them, Mickey has more than enough for himself and his friends.
  • The ball fortunately missed him and he was able to take his prize to the rear.
  • Fortunately, these problems have become to large extent controlled since the 1980s.
  • Fortunately one of the women travelling with the soldiers went into labour.
  • Fortunately, nothing has yet happened, despite the many weeks since the theft.
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Meaning of fortunately

  • adverb By good fortune
    fortunately the weather was good