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  • A man should not be able to look other than directly and forthright. Cited from Essays, Second Series, by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • The sound is full and rich, and the playing is strong and forthright all around.
  • However, she was eventually noticed for her role, particularly for the forthright character she played.
  • Her initiative spirit formed the most forthright woman's club of this period.
  • However, Wood, well known for his forthright approach, often gave his opinion on musical direction.
  • While they may seem somewhat formal, they are frank and forthright, showing themselves for what they are.
  • He is known for his forthright opinions on the video game industry.
  • In recent years, academic historians have become more forthright about the role of force in the civil rights movement.
  • Then he rose forthright and wrote letters and despatched them to all the islands of the sea. Cited from 1000 Nights and a Night, Vol. 5, Tr. by Burton
  • She spoke forthright, like a man, and as no man had ever dared to speak to him. Cited from The Turtles of Tasman, by Jack London
  • His own scholarship was forthright and honest to the point of sometimes getting him into trouble.
  • As an officer of the court, I have a duty to be open and forthright.
  • He soon became the team's captain and had "forthright views on how the game should be played".
  • Her forthright way of addressing the problems focused national attention on them.
  • She was too forthright and had too good memory to succeed. Cited from A Daughter Of The Land, by Gene Stratton-Porter #8
  • Green's forthright commentary style has often divided opinion among radio listeners.
  • Murphy's forthright manner has made him unpopular with some of the other professional players.
  • Then he arose forthright and laid hands on the youth and clapped him in prison. Cited from Tales from the Arabic Volumes 1-3, John Payne
  • We are twelve knights come here forthright, rich and noble; we are from Rome. Cited from Brut, by Layamon
  • In my judgment, he is right and sound in his objectives and completely forthright with us.
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