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  • They were changed back and forth according to the work to be done.
  • She goes back and forth in her mind as to whether she should kill him.
  • They then called forth the mountains from the water and the mountains rose at their command.
  • The game was back and forth throughout the fourth quarter.
  • All the afternoon getting my things in order to set forth to-morrow. Cited from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Lord Braybrooke/Editor
  • Several theories have been put forth to explain why the game was developed.
  • He used the city while going back and forth during his nine military campaigns into India.
  • A Forth system has often been used to bring up new hardware.
  • Seeing her son after so long, she went forth to embrace him.
  • Many times it is said that those who come forth are going to "be saved".
  • The city has put forth the as well as a move toward a Complete Streets policy.
  • Members went back and forth on the issue.
  • It is placed on the floor and the foot is rolled back and forth over it.
  • This split is present in the Forth language, though it was not a security-based design decision.
  • He rose to answer a question put forth by the Speaker of the House.
  • A few possible reasons have been put forth for the naming of the town.
  • The two produced this work by passing the pieces back and forth until both were satisfied with the result.
  • The lower arms are then moved back and forth while maintaining the right angle.
  • Other definitions for individual level evidence-based medicine have been put forth.
  • Forth often does not have local variables, however, nor is it call-by-value.
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Synonyms of forth

Meaning of forth

  • noun A river in southern scotland that flows eastward to the firth of forth
  • adverb Forward in time or order or degree
    from that time forth, from the sixth century onward
  • adverb Out into view
    came forth from the crowd, put my ideas forth