former Congressman

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  • Once again, however, such a score placed the former congressman low on the leader board, in second-to-last place.
  • Two former congressmen are still among those buried at Sharp.
  • Nine of them are part of the revolving door and one is a former congressman.
  • The former congressman was living with another woman in Vienna, Virginia at the time.
  • Just one month later, former Congressman Thomas F. Magner also died in the hotel.
  • When the former congressman ran for governor the following year, he asked Foraker to place his name in nomination, which he did.
  • His opponent in the primary election was another conservative, former congressman Bob Schaffer.
  • Former Congressman Prentiss Walker, who I understand is here today, tells a story about his first campaign.
  • He was then defeated by former Congressman Matt Salmon in the primary.
  • Its first commander was former congressman and future United States attorney general Caleb Cushing.
  • But he claimed that former Congressman Rubens Paiva must have been held elsewhere.
  • Periyar, a former Congressman, had a previous history of cooperation with the party.
  • The former congressman got up with an oath. Cited from Ridgway of Montana, by William MacLeod Raine
  • He then served as a community liaison for former Congressman Van Hilleary.
  • When former Congressman Andrews resigned, Broomell decided to get into the race.
  • An elementary school in El Monte, California, is named for the former congressman.
  • This was also the residence of former congressman James T. Rapier.
  • He retained several staffers from Robert Wexler, including the former Congressman's deputy chief of staff.
  • In April, 2013, the former congressman announced his return to politics as candidate for mayor of New York City.
  • Former Congressman Andrew Jackson Barchfeld and a number of prominent political and business leaders were among those killed in the theater.
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