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  • One can say that the formation of communities happened because people lived in fear.
  • With the new formation also came a new recording contract.
  • Formation by merger is available only to public limited companies from different member states.
  • The single-wing formation was designed to place double-team blocks at the point of attack.
  • This bottom up model of structure formation requires something like cold dark matter to succeed.
  • American troops were for the first time also used as independent formations.
  • This formation lies below the surface of the lake.
  • The act played a key role in the formation of the Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • Nevertheless, his teachings led to the formation of different schools within several years after his passing.
  • Macdonald and his government faced immediate problems upon formation of the new country.
  • Peace treaties have played an important role in the formation of the modern law of nations.
  • For much of the history of the single-wing formation, players were expected to play on both sides of the ball.
  • It is intended as a central place to access resources about formations of that size.
  • This is a bowl-shaped formation with a sharp edge and a small central floor.
  • This allowed them to concentrate their fire, but it did not leave room for them to change formation.
  • It is intended as a central point of access information about British formations of that size.
  • One battle formation that they used consisted of five squadrons or units.
  • These formations were especially common when they could be used to avoid irregular forms.
  • It is intended to provide a central point to access information about British formations of that size.
  • The other formations were party organizations that were not part of the military.
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Meaning of formation

  • noun An arrangement of people or things acting as a unit
    a defensive formation, a formation of planes
  • noun The act of fabricating something in a particular shape
  • noun A particular spatial arrangement
  • noun Natural process that causes something to form
    the formation of gas in the intestine, the formation of crystals, the formation of pseudopods
  • noun Creation by mental activity
    the formation of sentences, the formation of memories