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  • Some walls are designed to formally separate the border between one population and another.
  • Formally, we say that the complex numbers cannot have the structure of an ordered field.
  • The film was not formally released as a result of legal problems.
  • They were formally responsible for both military and civil administrative functions for their command areas.
  • As a result, the following routes only formally pass through the country.
  • Power is defined formally as units of energy per unit time.
  • The next week he formally announced his intentions of running for president.
  • They would spend their time training until they were formally enlisted by the king.
  • The candidate is then presented with their commission, and formally appointed to office by the Emperor.
  • More formally, one describes it in terms of functions on closed sets of points.
  • However, the area was not formally settled as a town.
  • Knowledge of this language was thus essential for an official career, but it was never formally defined.
  • However the Government refused to formally advise her not to meet with him.
  • It was not until several centuries later that the prayers began to be formally fixed.
  • Although temporary, it remains an effective working definition until a more permanent one is formally adopted.
  • Ideas can be either serious or satirical, but ideas written too formally are not well received.
  • When war was formally declared a year later, most of the museum's paintings were sent there as well.
  • It had a special status because its administration was formally conducted by the Western Allies.
  • Prince Charles formally agreed to divorce in a written statement soon after.
  • The president must also formally resign his or her party membership.
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Meaning of formally

  • adverb With official authorization
    the club will be formally recognized
  • adverb In a formal manner
    he was dressed rather formally