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  • It has since been formalised within the administration and promotion of the region.
  • It formalised an existing situation, companies having started to follow the race.
  • It's also possible to walk to the base; however there is no formalised track.
  • Interest in the project grew, to the extent where it was necessary to formalise the project.
  • St. Paul's College introduced the first formalised program of in-service teacher training.
  • However, at this stage no formalised plans have been announced.
  • Over the next few years matters became more formalised.
  • There was no formalised leadership of the school for some time.
  • Social care became more formalised with the advent of social work in the 19th century.
  • The success led to the caravan's existence being formalised the following year.
  • These recent developments have helped to formalise diplomatic relations between the two countries.
  • Various matches were made on a casual basis but in time these were more formalised.
  • The Road Records Association formed two years later to formalise attempts.
  • It was considered a period of great literary stability due to the formalised literary language that changed very little.
  • Many sports popular today were formalised by British Public schools and universities in the 19th century.
  • From to the New Zealand Liberal Party was the only formalised political party.
  • However, before this can be formalised Andy changes his mind and decides to keep the farm.
  • The concept has now been formalised by many train operating companies which operate station adoption schemes.
  • Over time, it developed into a formalised game.
  • His death created a struggle for power between the main factions, leading to the establishment of the formalised party system.
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