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  • He was a poor, forlorn old man, without a friend in the world. Cited from Christie's Old Organ , by Mrs. O. F. Walton
  • It must be a forlorn place if they need help and can't get it. Cited from In Apple-Blossom Time, by Clara Louise Burnham
  • When I die, don't go leaving my body in some forlorn place.
  • Could it be that any one lived in such a forlorn spot? Cited from The Man of the Desert, by Grace Livingston Hill
  • He was a very forlorn-looking object indeed, when he reached the cabin. Cited from The Boy Trapper, by Harry Castlemon
  • It made her feel more utterly alone and forlorn than she had done before. Cited from Hills of the Shatemuc, by Susan Warner
  • It shows upper class society of the time as something rather empty and forlorn.
  • But it cost him his life, for it made him attempt to carry a forlorn hope. Cited from Montlivet, by Alice Prescott Smith
  • When the last friend had gone, the forlorn little figure stood beside the grave alone. Cited from The Southerner, by Thomas Dixon
  • I thought she looked forlorn; and I wished her brother would return to her. Cited from The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. 10, No. 279
  • It's a most forlorn little old place, and much run down. Cited from Mrs. Red Pepper, by Grace S. Richmond
  • He had not the heart to leave us in our forlorn and dangerous state. Cited from Kate Danton, or, Captain Danton's Daughters, by May Agnes Fleming
  • Poor girl, she felt very forlorn with both her father and Walter away. Cited from The South Sea Whaler, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • After doing this, he felt greatly supported; yet his condition was indeed a forlorn one. Cited from Ben Hadden, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • I do not wish to waste either my time or your money on a forlorn hope. Cited from The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont, by Robert Barr
  • It was likely that most members of the forlorn hope would be killed or wounded.
  • Although he may appear forlorn, he is in fact very content.
  • Suddenly Philip felt very small, very forlorn, very much alone in the world. Cited from The Magic City, by Edith Nesbit
  • Gwen thought she had never felt quite so forlorn in her life before. Cited from The Youngest Girl in the Fifth, by Angela Brazil
  • They had now been two years on that forlorn spot, and still they had not even found their way out. Cited from French Pathfinders in North America, by William Henry Johnson
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