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  • How far can one fall, and how bad can one become, and still find forgiveness?
  • Word soon got out about his actions, but he asked the public for forgiveness.
  • I'm all about having an open mind, an open heart and forgiveness.
  • You could go back to him and ask him for his forgiveness.
  • She goes to church and asks for forgiveness for what she plans to do.
  • In the last years, he published several books about Forgiveness and its impact on human health.
  • At his death the two brothers share forgiveness and he passes on.
  • The father hopes that by doing so, he might finally gain the forgiveness of his son.
  • They believed that healing could come only with complete forgiveness of the whole family.
  • He went back home and asked for forgiveness from his parents, who welcomed him with open arms.
  • They do not want forgiveness and in general they do not want any real gift from God either.
  • Upon reading the story, the bishop ordered a three-day fast to ask God for forgiveness.
  • Hence, you do not feel the need to seek God's forgiveness right away.
  • She asks one of them for forgiveness, saying she never knew.
  • It is also the second episode to talk about forgiveness.
  • They also call for fair trade, environmental protection, debt forgiveness, and more aid.
  • He also hopes to seek forgiveness from his mother and brother.
  • She asks him for forgiveness and says she has never known such goodness in all her life as his.
  • Cyril himself followed God's message of forgiveness himself many times throughout his life.
  • The same goes for forgiveness: return to cooperation as soon as the other player does.
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Meaning of forgiveness

  • noun Compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive
  • noun The act of excusing a mistake or offense