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  • However, they forgive him and take him in as their own son right away.
  • He could forgive her love for other men, but not with other women.
  • After a time, he was able to forgive himself and love once again.
  • In the end, they always forgive each other after a fight and make-up.
  • He had done all that could be done but he never forgave himself.
  • Before his death he asked the two to be civil and forgave them.
  • Previously married, he has a son who has never forgiven him for leaving his mother.
  • She tells him never to return and she will not forgive him.
  • If he would just take himself down and start all over again, he would be forgiven.
  • She eventually forgives him and they talk of plans to start a family.
  • He eventually finds out why she had left so suddenly, and he forgives her.
  • She forgave him and told him this was to be his last battle.
  • He forgave you long, long ago, for he loved you above all men. Cited from Sir Mortimer, by Mary Johnston
  • But can she ever forgive him for what he did to her brother a decade ago?
  • They forgive her, as they had not known about their true heritage until then.
  • He tells her that he forgives her for bringing him back to life.
  • And they forgave one another, and he spent the night in the house. Cited from Gods and Fighting Men, by Lady I. A. Gregory
  • But he forgave everything this little girl said, because she was so beautiful and so kind. Cited from The Fatal Glove, by Clara Augusta Jones Trask
  • I asked my friends if I should drop him or forgive him.
  • But her father saved her and her mother has never forgiven him.
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Meaning of forgive

  • verb Stop blaming or grant forgiveness
    I forgave him his infidelity, She cannot forgive him for forgetting her birthday
  • verb Absolve from payment
    I forgive you your debt