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  • His own work became valuable as well, which in turn attracted other forgers.
  • There was a noted increase in his overall market value, and he became interesting to art forgers.
  • Forgers will then return the copy to the owner, keeping the original for himself.
  • In that case, how can we accept evidence which the forgers have supplied? Cited from Lectures on Modern history, by Baron John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton
  • They further discover that the forgers are using the island as their base, and radio the police for help.
  • But the forgers of our present Church threw out all controversial matter. Cited from The Status Civilization, by Robert Sheckley
  • It also required a more appropriate name, so the Forgers was chosen as the club name.
  • Professional forgers usually make their homes in large cities. Cited from Disputed Handwriting, by Jerome B. Lavay
  • The forgers never have been found, but the hunt still goes on. Cited from Disputed Handwriting, by Jerome B. Lavay
  • These are really not forgers, as they never intend to get money on the note. Cited from Crime: Its Cause and Treatment, by Clarence Darrow
  • The forgers, having constructed the damning piece, would not be likely to do more. Cited from Lectures on Modern history, by Baron John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton
  • The method has also been used by forgers.
  • For a week he learns about what forgers have to do so their paintings pass as authentic.
  • He had always been sadly discontented with the efforts of forgers, and thought he could do better. Cited from Foul Play, by Charles Reade and Dion Boucicault
  • Forgers find it difficult to reproduce the same shape of individual numbers again and again with accuracy.
  • Despite eventually becoming one of the greatest warriors and forgers of peace in the kingdom, he was an early advocate for education.
  • Forgers usually copy works by deceased artists, but a small number imitate living artists.
  • Since these stamps had next to no value, forgers had no compelling reason to make copies.
  • According to another view, they were connected with an important band of forgers and robbers, who had been carrying on extensive operations. Cited from In Indian Mexico (1908), by Frederick Starr
  • He had taken leave of them at home, he answered, that his children might not see him mixed up with forgers and murderers. Cited from Uarda, by Georg Ebers, v8
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Root form of forgers is forger for the noun.

How forgers gets used

Meaning of forgers

  • noun Someone who operates a forge
  • noun Someone who makes copies illegally