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  • The days are long as the two forge their way down the river.
  • Eventually he forged several documents until he was ready to present them to his father.
  • Based on number of pieces produced, this is the most widely used forging process.
  • Players can make rare, unique or ancient weapons through the process of forging.
  • It forges a new path and takes its place among nations as a leader in science.
  • For three days, he sought a place to build a great forge.
  • The purpose of this one-man project was to try and forge a unique musical sound.
  • He said they asked him to forge documents but that he refused.
  • Both of these machines can be used for open-die or closed-die forging.
  • The press forging operation can be done either cold or hot.
  • Here he forges wealth and death at one and the same time. Cited from Black and White, by Timothy Thomas Fortune
  • At some point after his release he forged a few British pound notes.
  • Also the site now has a large playing field locally known as the Forge.
  • Being convinced that life has no reason, he forges reasons for living. Cited from Jean-Christophe Journey's End, by Romain Rolland
  • The two main forges were closed by the end of the century.
  • In the opera, however, he does not forge a new musical language.
  • She was suspended from school many times for forging notes to get out of class.
  • An Indian marriage forges an alliance not only between two people, but also two families.
  • Eventually, he escaped and made his way home, forging papers in order to get through the pass.
  • As such, it has been seen as a key event in forging a sense of national identity.
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Meaning of forge

  • noun Furnace consisting of a special hearth where metal is heated before shaping
  • noun A workplace where metal is worked by heating and hammering
  • verb Create by hammering
    hammer the silver into a bowl, forge a pair of tongues
  • verb Make a copy of with the intent to deceive
    he faked the signature, they counterfeited dollar bills, She forged a Green Card
  • verb Move ahead steadily
    He forged ahead
  • verb Move or act with a sudden increase in speed or energy