forfeiture of property

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  • Unlike federal law, California law requires a conviction for forfeiture of property involved in a drug crime.
  • Many of his friends and family, however, found themselves needing his help when they were threatened with arrest or forfeiture of property.
  • Certain acts may result in forfeiture of property of the taxpayer.
  • This measure modified some of the restrictions on civil forfeiture of property.
  • Indians once given to any person shall never be taken from him, except for delinquencies, punishable by forfeiture of property. Cited from The History of Puerto Rico, by R.A. Van Middeldyk
  • The actions by which these rules were enforced were no doubt ordinary proprietary actions, at any rate so far as the forfeiture of property was concerned.
  • Penalties for trafficking include three years to life imprisonment, forfeiture of property, and full restitution to the victims.
  • Penalties may be monetary or may involve forfeiture of property.
  • Child pornography possession, production and distribution is punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment, severe fines and in some cases, even forfeiture of property.
  • It is punishable by up to 20 years' imprisonment, severe fines and/or forfeiture of property.
  • Once the criminal proceedings make it to trial, the accion civil resarcitoria separates in that forfeiture of property is not dependent on a criminal conviction of an individual.
  • Any person convicted of committing tax fraud, or aiding and abetting another in committing tax fraud, may be subject to forfeiture of property and/or jail time.
  • Submission was against the consciences of the unhappy clergy; to obey their consciences involved forfeiture of property; and naturally in such a dilemma they found resolution difficult. Cited from The Reign of Henry the Eighth, Volume 1 (of 3), by James Anthony Froude
  • Civil and criminal penalties relating to drug paraphernalia and provisions authorizing seizure or forfeiture of property would not apply to marijuana related offenses committed by persons eighteen years or older.
  • He was subsequently sent to the Central Jail in Multan and later tried in the Lahore Conspiracy Case and sentenced to death, with forfeiture of property.
  • And yet there are good grounds for suspecting false play on the part of the ambassador Dordux, since the Castilian writers admit that he was exempted, with forty of his friends, from the doom of slavery and forfeiture of property, passed upon his fellow- citizens. Cited from History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella V2
  • Punishment for crime includes several options: community service, fine, forfeiture of property, imprisonment, institutional treatment, probation, suspended sentence, whipping, and death; while the death penalty is available in the country, there have been no executions since 1976.
  • It was not the duty of counsel representing the government to urge microscopic objections against honest claimants and urge the forfeiture of property for some oversight of the Commissioners in not requiring proof according to the strict rules of common law.