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  • The government decided that all his property would be forfeited to the Queen.
  • If a player has no legal moves, then his turn is forfeited.
  • Subsequently he was dismissed from service and all his four civil awards were forfeited.
  • If more than four is rolled, then the turn is forfeited to the next player.
  • Forgacs only played the first half tournament and forfeited his last ten games.
  • In rare cases, baseball games are forfeited, usually when a team is no longer able to play.
  • He was given five minutes to bring out his lineup card before the game was forfeited.
  • Lake Forest forfeited their final eight games for that season.
  • He eventually forfeited his title, prize money and national champion's jersey.
  • Note: Appearances by a school that has forfeited their appearances after the fact are still shown here.
  • Over time, two groups become inactive and thus forfeited their place in the Council.
  • But an army leader who survived a lost battle often forfeited his life (usually suicide).
  • Lake Forest forfeited all of their games for that season.
  • Most settlers moved away and much of the land was tax-forfeited.
  • Later that year, however, he forfeited the title when his wife was forced to abdicate.
  • If some points cannot be used, they are forfeited.
  • However, the school subsequently forfeited one win over Southern due to an ineligible player.
  • His critics argued that in taking the position, Ray forfeited his position as governor.
  • Had he not done so, he would have forfeited his lands and suffered other severe penalties.
  • When the synagogue closed he forfeited months of back-pay so the building would not be sold to a church.
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Root form of forfeited is forfeit for the verb.

Synonyms of forfeited

Meaning of forfeited

  • verb Lose ( or lose the right to ( by some error, offense, or crime
    you've forfeited your right to name your successor, forfeited property