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  • A policy of this kind, if necessity should arise, could also be exchanged for a non-forfeitable policy in the manner before pointed out. Cited from Everybody's Guide to Money Matters, by Wm. Cotton
  • All Policies are non-forfeitable, and participate in the profits of the Company. Cited from Punchinello, Vol. I, No. 16, July 16, 1870,Various
  • Your conception of heavenly justice is found in the concession of equal spiritual birthright, based on the broad charter of common humanity, and forfeitable only by individual worthlessness or deliberate refusal. Cited from Such is Life, by Tom Collins
  • Secondly, a corporate charter may be regarded as a franchise constituting a vested or property interest in the hands of the holders, and therefore as forfeitable only for abuse or in accordance with its own terms. Cited from Constitution of the U.S.: Analysis and Interpretation, ed. by E. Corwin