forfeit to

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  • The government decided that all his property would be forfeited to the Queen.
  • This meant that upon his death his estate would have been forfeit to the crown.
  • Those who fall into your hands are forfeit to you!
  • If more than four is rolled, then the turn is forfeited to the next player.
  • Were our life forfeited to what are called the laws, how could the laws discover the criminal? Cited from Recreations of Christopher North, Volume 2, by John Wilson
  • His goods, as well as those of his wife, were forfeited to the Crown. Cited from The Scottish Reformation, by Alexander F. Mitchell
  • She had already shown him in a much smaller matter what was the forfeit to be paid for any resistance to her will. Cited from Bacon, by Richard William Church
  • Will he, who does all great, all noble seem, Be lost and forfeit to his own esteem? Cited from The Works Of John Dryden, Volume 4 (of 18), Ed. by Walter Scott
  • Better the old disguise which left him free to work out his own sentence and pay his forfeit to the law. Cited from The Desert and The Sown, by Mary Hallock Foote
  • He was therefore guilty and hence the goods were forfeited to the king.
  • Their six losses included a forfeit to Israel, whom Egypt refused to play.
  • As for the lands of other men, in William's theory all was forfeited to the crown. Cited from William the Conqueror, by E.A. Freeman
  • His title and lands had been forfeited to the crown.
  • If, then, you spill a drop of his blood, all your property will be forfeited to the state. Cited from Junior Classics, V5, Edited by William Patten
  • He allowed only those Jews who were not French citizens to be forfeited to the control of Germany.
  • It is these same children whose income-securing labor cannot be forfeited to allow for school attendance.
  • If they wore anything more extravagant it was forfeited to the king. Cited from A Short History of English Agriculture, by W. H. R. Curtler
  • This provided loss of all income, which was forfeited to the Crown.
  • If one should break the secret pact, he would forfeit to the other the sum of ten thousand pounds.
  • "No, sir; his life was forfeited to the offended laws of his country." Cited from The King's Own, by Captain Frederick Marryat
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