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  • The highway runs through the village of Forestdale in the southern section of the town.
  • Forestdale is the north central section of the city and it contains the Forestdale School and park.
  • A branch into Forestdale to give an overlap service from Sutton was also included.
  • It is also used by students who attend John Ruskin College and is the nearest stop for Forestdale.
  • He became a successful cattleman and farmer, living for a while in Forestdale and later in North Fork.
  • In 1980, the agency closed its residential program to focus on foster care and adoption and eight years later changed its name to Forestdale.
  • Forestdale has the advantages of being located in the greenery near a nature reserve with diverse walks, as well as being close to several golf courses.
  • But there are no trams running in Forestdale itself.
  • Forestdale is a village in southeast London, UK, part of the London Borough of Croydon.
  • Forestdale is named as such due to the lack of tree clearance compared to surrounding suburbs, although the risk of bushfire is greater than its neighbouring suburbs.
  • It then turns east to terminate at the A2022 road in Forestdale.
  • He is interred in Forestdale Cemetery in Holyoke along with his parents.
  • The station has studios in Homewood and its transmitter is in Forestdale.
  • Now it has been reduced cover Addington village, Fieldway part of the New Addington estate and Forestdale.
  • In addition, Forestdale sponsors the Fathering Initiative, a program for fathers who want to take an active role in their children's lives.
  • Located in the Forest Hills section of Queens, Forestdale works with over 1000 families every year, primarily within Queens.
  • It also has the largest park in Malden, Pine Banks Park, and the largest cemetery, Forestdale Cemetery.
  • Apart from substantial areas of reserve land, some market gardening, retail and minor pockets of farmland destined for development, Forestdale is residential in nature.
  • The highway continues into the village of Forestdale (still in Brandon) where it meets the southern terminus of Route 53.
  • There are three post offices in town (East Sandwich, Sandwich, and Forestdale).
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