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  • Info FOREST (short for "Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco") is a United Kingdom political pressure group which campaigns against tobacco control activity.
  • Native forest trees are also taken down to be made into wood products.
  • A small area of old growth forest is present inside the park.
  • As a result, any point within the city is relatively close to the forest.
  • The park is covered in most parts by old growth forest.
  • Of the occupied by the city, is green area, park and forest.
  • This was the first case of state management of forests in the world.
  • A total of six wilderness areas can also be found within the forest.
  • Approximately half of the natural area is old-growth forest.
  • Old growth forest is estimated to cover some of the forest land.
  • There are parts of the national Park where old growth forests are found.
  • However, large areas of the forest are difficult to reach.
  • The area at the base of the mountain is covered with old growth forests.
  • Much of the region is covered by the forest.
  • Utah is the only state where every county contains some national forest.
  • Part of the natural area is old-growth forest.
  • Two areas of old growth forest exist in the park.
  • At the top of the structure is the forest.
  • The fourth experience is the old growth forest itself.
  • Human society and forests influence each other in both positive and negative ways.
  • It is also noted for its old growth forest.
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Synonyms of forest

Meaning of forest

  • noun The trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area
  • noun Land that is covered with trees and shrubs