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  • His speech was so forceful, he quickly became more ill than ever.
  • They also provided a forceful voice for independent critics of contemporary events.
  • Washington's forceful action proved the new government could protect itself.
  • It's about time that such a forceful action is taken.
  • If American Jews had taken a more forceful approach, government policy could have been changed.
  • As its title suggest, this movement is more active and forceful, with a third-based development.
  • Counter-examples to the golden rule typically are more forceful against the first than the second.
  • The character evolved somewhat but remained less forceful than the George of the book series.
  • The last wave of the Chinese attack, which was more determined and more forceful followed next.
  • However, she can become forceful and assertive if her friends are placed in danger.
  • As such, the community plays a more forceful role in shaping its physical future.
  • The powerful effect of the painting especially depends upon his original and forceful use of colour.
  • His mother's "forceful personality" was the most powerful influence on his early life.
  • Instead, the guards grow more forceful in order to make prisoners follow the rules.
  • Political parties and educated class launched forceful movement for ending the British Rule.
  • The French then determined that more forceful action was required.
  • The armor on his right arm was added to give off a more forceful impression.
  • His direct and forceful style influenced the form of American editorial and news writing.
  • Though this ship is known greatly for its forceful firing, it had only seen time in two major wars.
  • Soon after his election, he earned considerable and generally positive media attention for his forceful calls to address urban violence.
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Meaning of forceful

  • adjective Characterized by or full of force or strength (often but not necessarily physical)
    a forceful speaker, a forceful personality, forceful measures, a forceful plan for peace