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  • Info In physics, a force is any interaction which tends to change the motion of an object. more...
  • Within a national military force, the word army may also mean a field army.
  • This project will come into force in a few months time.
  • Though the service is no longer offered, these laws remain in force.
  • The governor is also the commander-in-chief of the state's military forces.
  • While he was only a regional commander, he had largely raised his forces by himself.
  • These prisoners were also forced to work on the building site.
  • He withdrew his forces and played no further part in the campaign.
  • A battle always has as its purpose the reaching of a mission goal by use of military force.
  • I was actually forced to be in the band.
  • French training and operating techniques has been used since the establishment of the air force.
  • It was the largest force the British had ever sent outside of Europe at that time.
  • The president serves as the head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces.
  • This will be the main force behind continued economic expansion.
  • Within the armed forces, there are a number of services.
  • Allen was forced to end his studies upon his father's death.
  • It is a combined arms force, with land, air and naval elements.
  • Anti-government forces are also responsible for a great deal of abuse.
  • Police were forced to break a car window to remove her.
  • Once dry it would stay in the forced position.
  • He forced the city to make a choice between the two leagues.
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Meaning of force

  • noun A powerful effect or influence
    the force of his eloquence easily persuaded them
  • noun (physics) the influence that produces a change in a physical quantity
    force equals mass times acceleration
  • noun Physical energy or intensity
    he hit with all the force he could muster, it was destroyed by the strength of the gale, a government has not the vitality and forcefulness of a living man
  • noun Group of people willing to obey orders
    a public force is necessary to give security to the rights of citizens
  • noun A group of people having the power of effective action
    he joined forces with a band of adventurers
  • verb Impose urgently, importunately, or inexorably
    She forced her diet fads on him
  • verb Force into or from an action or state, either physically or metaphorically
    She rammed her mind into focus, He drives me mad
  • verb Do forcibly; exert force
    Don't force it!