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  • But her father forbids her to leave her husband and move in with them.
  • This is generally forbidden in public places but very easy to do.
  • It forbids human settlement except in small areas with limited population allowed.
  • He forces his son to go to work and forbids him to go on strike.
  • He ordered a change in the league's policy to forbid girls from playing.
  • God forbid that I leave the piano five minutes before my time of three hours was up!
  • Her mother forbade her to receive mail from anyone other than her brother.
  • Also, soldiers are now forbidden to carry weapons in public without specific permission.
  • He forbade her visitors and would kill anyone who tried to help her escape.
  • Then he forbids her to come near his house again.
  • He forbade the Tour to return to the city for the rest of his career.
  • When they informed the king of their intended journey he forbade them to leave England.
  • He also forbids his brothers from falling in love and getting married.
  • The Forbidden City has served as the scene to many works of fiction.
  • Parents were also forbidden to smoke when children were in the car.
  • When his parents split up, his mother forbade him to pursue the sport.
  • Both parents forbid their sons to see each other again.
  • Legal troubles sometimes result when they forbid medical treatment of their children.
  • Deep inside he has a big love for music but can't show it because his father forbids it.
  • The state constitution forbade county borders to pass within of a county seat.
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Meaning of forbid

  • verb Command against
    I forbid you to call me late at night, Mother vetoed the trip to the chocolate store, Dad nixed our plans