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  • In the video game industry, it is common for developers to leave their current studio and start their own.
  • Lilug has two special interest groups, one for developers and one for security.
  • This can cause serious issues for developers and users of the software.
  • Sony has confirmed however that it is possible for developers to do so.
  • They are also a popular means for developers to gain hands-on experience with a new processor family.
  • It is based in the cloud, and the service is free for developers.
  • He was a development consultant for developers and non-profit community groups.
  • This means that the requirements should be easy to understand both for normal users and for developers.
  • The site also features a variety of developer products and tools built specifically for developers.
  • The brief set out planning and urban design guidance for developers interested in developing the site.
  • Provides environment for developers to create their own applications.
  • The game uses Unity game engine, making it easier for developers to reach cross platform.
  • The company purpose-built the database for developers to deploy real-time big data applications.
  • Valve will remove games if they no longer meet Valve's business terms for developers.
  • The alternative is for developers to write specific drivers for each type of telephone system.
  • Cities should also keep in mind that it is more cost-effective for government, rather than for developers, to assemble land.
  • In software development, where the cost of mass production is relatively small, it is common for developers to make software available at no cost.
  • Other programs are included, but are very basic in functionality and/or intended for developers.
  • For developers the most common extension point is an interface representing a contract.
  • The ARM evaluation system was promoted as a means for developers to try the system for themselves.
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