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  • As they made their way down, they both lost their footing and fell.
  • That work soon expanded into a larger program and network that needed its own footing.
  • The whole football program was placed on a solid footing necessary for success in modern times.
  • Since then, the club has been on a sound financial footing.
  • This allowed the young United States to place itself on a sound financial footing.
  • Further away, to the south, are the footings of a former round tower.
  • It was well received - and it provided the young company with more stable financial footing.
  • By the fourth season, she has developed to be on an equal footing with her co-workers.
  • To its north and west are the remaining footings of an earlier, larger church on the site.
  • The church is believed to have been a wooden building on stone footings.
  • However, he also added that this theory had "no serious historical or scientific footing".
  • He made many other advances that put the college on sound footing.
  • Phase IV consisted of some new stone footings placed over previous metal-working areas.
  • While in charge, he restored it to a sound financial footing following a crisis.
  • He lost his footing and fell several stories, suffering severe head injuries.
  • A victory by Wales would give them two points and put them on equal footing with England.
  • The two scholars are put in charge of the university which is established on a better footing.
  • After regaining his footing, he was unable to come out for the next round.
  • A small portion of their footings may still be seen attached to the base drum.
  • As a result, the trial was allowed to proceed on its original legal footing.
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Root form of footing is foot for the verb.

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Meaning of footing

  • noun Status with respect to the relations between people or groups
    on good terms with her in-laws, on a friendly footing
  • noun A relation that provides the foundation for something
    they were on a friendly footing, he worked on an interim basis
  • verb Pay for something
    pick up the tab, pick up the burden of high-interest mortgages, foot the bill
  • verb Walk
    let's hoof it to the disco
  • verb Add a column of numbers