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  • Crayford focusers are considered superior to entry-level rack and pinion focusers, normally found in this type of device.
  • It supports a wide variety of astronomical instruments including telescopes, CCDs, focusers, filters, and video capture devices.
  • The Collapsible Dobsonians also feature Crayford focusers instead of the traditional rack and pinion focuser that was included with the Solid-tube Dobsonians.
  • ASCOM (an abbreviation for AStronomy Common Object Model) is an open initiative to provide a standard interface to a range of astronomy equipment including mounts, focusers and imaging devices in a Microsoft Windows environment.
  • He is the inventor of the Astronomy Common Object Model (ASCOM) standard, which has resulted in the easy availability of freeware device drivers for telescopes, telescope focusers, and astronomical observatory domes and enclosures.