focus their efforts

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  • The development team terminated the project in order to focus their efforts on their project.
  • Instead, they have sought to have activists focus their efforts away from social issues and focus on economic and limited government issues.
  • Instead, they focused their efforts on Eastern Europe.
  • The pair later focused their efforts on creating a web-based ticketing solution.
  • They also cannot focus their efforts on one type of possible voter that is most likely to agree with their own personal views.
  • In some cases, limited teaching responsibilities enabled the researchers to focus their efforts on producing books.
  • As a result, executives focused their efforts on increasing stock price.
  • Parents came together and focused their efforts on two important projects - the construction of a new gymnasium and a swimming pool.
  • Instead, they focus their efforts on monopolitizing positions in arts and ceremonies.
  • The forty-niners first focused their efforts on these deposits of gold.
  • They re-focused their efforts to further the development process by encouraging a spirit of altruism and self-discipline.
  • As they began to focus their efforts on the new band, 454 Big Block came to an end.
  • Therefore, police focused their efforts on finding the location where Bailey was mutilated instead of where he was shot.
  • They particularly focused their efforts on an organization called Turning Point, which provides services for elderly homeless people.
  • JVx aims to save developers time so that they can focus their efforts on application-specific tasks.
  • Competitive bodybuilders focus their efforts to achieve a peak appearance during a brief "competition season".
  • Brown believed that the second generation of suffragists suffered from poor leadership and erroneously focused their efforts at the state level.
  • The Gregorian missionaries focused their efforts in areas where Roman settlement had been concentrated.
  • These savings allow them to focus their efforts and funds on more effectively working to alleviate hunger in our area.
  • Secessionists focused their efforts on the war effort, which crippled the movement.
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