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  • The airport is an Air Canada focus city and the home base for First Air.
  • It's also a focus city for Air China.
  • Some airlines also use the term secondary hubs for large focus cities.
  • These act as focus cities for said airlines.
  • Many do not operate traditional hubs, but rather focus cities.
  • Unlike most metropolitan areas that have grown up around a central city, the Inland Empire has no one main focus city.
  • The airport also serves as focus city for Spirit Airlines.
  • It will offer 6 more flights making Mexico City a focus city.
  • Since 1997, the airport has been a focus city for the airline Air France.
  • The list also includes the airports that serve either as a hub or as a focus city for the carrier.
  • Some full-service network carriers operate the point-to-point model alongside the hub and spoke system for certain high-density routes between focus cities.
  • Midway is also Southwest's largest focus city.
  • Another method is to use focus cities to implement point-to-point service for high traffic routes, bypassing the hub entirely.
  • New Orleans was a "focus city" for Delta for many years.
  • The airport is a focus city for Spirit Airlines, which handles just over half of the total passengers using the airport.
  • It is a hub for Air Canada as well as a focus city for WestJet.
  • Tucson International Airport is not a hub or focus city for any airline.
  • They primarily connect smaller cities with American Airlines' domestic hub airports and focus cities.
  • Chongqing is a focus city of Air China.
  • It is now mainly utilized by Southwest Airlines for their focus city operations in Nashville.
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