Flying Bedstead

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  • A lot of the development for what became the Harrier was done here, one early version became known as the 'Flying Bedstead'.
  • These include the rotary-winged helicopter and craft that use lift jets (e.g. the flying bedstead).
  • The term literally means 'flying bedstead' or 'flying cot' but in folklore the term is used more expansively to cover any flying vehicle.
  • The TMR had no lifting surfaces (wings, blades, etc.) and was understandably nicknamed the Flying Bedstead.
  • The flight was a tremendous success and during the next four months a number of free flights were made, up to a height of 50 ft. There are pubs in Hucknall called The Flying Bedstead and The Harrier.
  • In the early 1950s, the Rolls-Royce site at Hucknall developed the world's first vertical-takeoff jet 'aircraft' - actually, a test rig, officially called the Thrust Measuring Rig, but soon nicknamed the "Flying Bedstead" because of its shape.
  • In July 1953 the flight test establishment achieved the world's first vertical take off and landing (VTOL) with the Nene powered Rolls-Royce Thrust Measuring Rig, also known as the Flying Bedstead.