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  • Get the whole so well in mind that he can present it fluently. Cited from Practical English Composition: Book II., by Edwin L. Miller
  • He could read by the age of four and could write fluently soon afterwards.
  • He could not speak fluently, but he could understand what was said. Cited from Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • But many people in the community can still speak Spanish, although not fluently.
  • She can read fluently, as I suppose you can by this time now. Cited from The Personal Life Of David Livingstone, by William Garden Blaikie
  • During her childhood she visited and many countries and spoke several languages fluently.
  • I wonder whether this has struck people who can talk fluently and know them better than I do? Cited from Letters from Egypt, by Lucie Duff Gordon
  • By the time they leave the school, these students speak English fluently.
  • The students are able to understand English from an early age and speak fluently.
  • The year before his death, he took up the study of German and spoke it fluently.
  • Well, then, she could both read and write fluently in the mother-tongue. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 2, No. 14, December 1858, by Various
  • In the palace she received private education and could speak French and English fluently.
  • A few dozen have learned the language quite fluently, but only later in life.
  • They are typically able to understand what is being said to them, but unable to speak fluently.
  • Do not expect to speak fluently on a subject that you know little or nothing about. Cited from The Art of Public Speaking, by Carnegie and Esenwein
  • German forces became his chief customers, and he learned to speak German fluently.
  • But another thing; do tell me, how, living so far away, can you speak our language so fluently! Cited from German Classics of the 19th & 20th Centuries, Vol. IV, by Francke (Ed.)
  • Old people, she felt, ought to write fluently kind things in a running Italian hand. Cited from The Judge, by Rebecca West
  • He would speak this language fluently in his later years.
  • All of it went, rather more fluently than had the original fifteen. Cited from Success, by Samuel Hopkins Adams
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Meaning of fluently

  • adverb In a fluent manner
    she speaks French fluently