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  • Most of the films he directed during the period ended up being flops.
  • I had not raised my head for a second when I flopped down again. Cited from Mr. Standfast, by John Buchan
  • Even in the heat of battle it will do nothing but flop around.
  • He also produced one film which turned out to be a flop.
  • He just didn't pay any attention, but flopped along until he reached the water. Cited from Mother West Wind "Where" Stories, by Thornton W. Burgess
  • When the play flopped, instead of returning home he stayed until this day.
  • Even a child does not learn to walk until it has flopped down some fifty times. Cited from Yama (The Pit), by Alexandra Kuprin
  • Although the studio thought the film would be a hit, it became a flop.
  • The film, which had been declared a flop when first released, became a success.
  • The last three in the above list were flops at the box office.
  • However, the film didn't do well at box-office and was flop.
  • It flopped at the time but it has since been re-written.
  • Then we'll circle over town and do a few flops and show our sign. Cited from The Thunder Bird, by B. M. Bower (aka Bertha Muzzy Bower Sinclair Cowan)
  • This allowed the players to know what flop was coming if they knew the hands being held by three players.
  • The film failed to do good business at the box office and was declared a flop.
  • The film itself was a critical and commercial flop when it was released.
  • Despite a strong opening, it was eventually declared a flop at the box office.
  • Then he acted in about four to five films, all of which were flops.
  • Despite this, the film turned out to be a box office flop.
  • The album was not as well received as the group's previous single and subsequently flopped.
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Meaning of flop

  • noun Someone who is unsuccessful
  • noun A complete failure
    the play was a dismal flop
  • noun The act of throwing yourself down
    he landed on the bed with a great flop
  • verb Fall loosely
    He flopped into a chair
  • verb Fall suddenly and abruptly
  • adverb With a flopping sound
    he tumbled flop into the mud