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  • Floodwood, like most of its neighbors, survived the fire and began a slow recovery.
  • The museum is on the left a short distance down the road about 40 minutes from Floodwood.
  • However, the practical importance of the rivers, and thus Floodwood's greatest economic resource, ended.
  • Floodwood Mountain Reservation has been the ultimate site for High Adventure for over forty years.
  • In 1893, the year that local government was first organized, the first Floodwood School building was constructed of logs.
  • The council continues to promote the Floodwood Mountain Reservation internally, and has begun to develop out of council attendance.
  • With the logging operations gone, Floodwood's survival was again in peril.
  • Rogers Road runs east-west along Fine Lakes Township's northern boundary line with adjacent Floodwood Township.
  • The current mayor of Floodwood is Jeff Kletscher, who presides over meetings of the city council.
  • Given the uniqueness of the Floodwood experience, it is not difficult to convince strong troops from other areas that Floodwood is for them.
  • It included within it the Floodwood Game Refuge; the park in turn is nearly surrounded by the Savanna State Forest.
  • Throughout his years of teaching, he continued to research his Reconstructionist ideas by implementing them into a school setting at Floodwood High School in Minnesota.
  • The highway runs south to Floodwood, and north to Silica and Hibbing.
  • This began a trend that has endured to the present - the last time a census showed an increase in Floodwood's population was in 1960.
  • Much of the film was shot on location in Minnesota, mostly along the Lake Superior shoreline as well as Iron Range cities such as Floodwood.
  • The city of Floodwood is located within the northwest part of Floodwood Township geographically but is a separate entity.
  • U.S. Highway 2 runs roughly diagonally throughout Floodwood Township, in a northwest-southeast direction.
  • With its many lakes and the High Peaks of the Adirondacks, Floodwood is perfectly located to offer a high adventure challenge second to none.
  • Nearby peat bogs employ many people from Floodwood, Meadowlands and other communities in southwest Saint Louis County.
  • The 1970 Census showed, for the first time since 1920, that Floodwood's population had decreased.
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