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  • Floodway has been noted for its unusual place name.
  • The result of which led to the construction of the Red River Floodway.
  • Primarily as a result of the Floodway, the city suffered little flood damage.
  • Since the building of the levee, several other projects have occurred along floodway to further-control the stream.
  • The floodway has been the focus of legal opposition by residents and landowners since its inception.
  • Officials decided widening the floodway would be the best option despite the lower hydraulic capacity that would result.
  • The Red River Floodway joins the Red River just down river from the dam.
  • A similar situation took place in the St. Francis Floodway.
  • The Red River Floodway was opened in early April once the ice jams cleared.
  • Largely as a result of this study, the province has been widening the floodway since 2004.
  • He defended a master labour agreement worked out for the floodway project, arguing that it would allow for cost certainty and labour peace.
  • Much of the village is in low-lying flood plain and even floodway, and so is prone to flooding.
  • For its first few miles, it parallels the San Diego River floodway.
  • In case the water level on the lake is higher than the Marikina River, the floodway can also reverse the flow.
  • The floodway was used for farming and had about 200 residents at the time.
  • Another few channels drain the area between Arno proper and the floodway.
  • As part of the Skagit River floodway, the town of Hamilton faces significant flooding every few years.
  • Controversy continues to surround the issue of the environmental impact of the floodway upon the marsh.
  • The goal was to reduce backwater flooding at the lower end of the floodway.
  • An elaborate system of floodway defenses can be found in the Canadian province of Manitoba.
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