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  • The speed of the floodwaters can be as high as to per second.
  • There, two people were killed when their vehicle was swept away by floodwaters.
  • Nine people died when a car was swept away in the floodwaters.
  • The same day floodwaters rose above record levels in at least five localities.
  • The floodwaters left two people dead and four more missing.
  • Two rescue workers died when they were swept away by the floodwaters.
  • The following morning floodwaters crested at, which was two feet higher than ever recorded on the river.
  • One boy was swept away by the floodwaters, although he was rescued by two people.
  • The floodwaters caused substantial damage to the museum which has since been repaired.
  • Several highways were under water, and one car was swept away by the floodwaters.
  • Floodwaters even went into surrounding areas such as the lower portion of the Greater Waterbury area.
  • In Jefferson County, two people required rescue after a car drove into floodwaters.
  • Once the floodwaters came in, he would set off the explosives necessary to break the lock.
  • Once floodwaters receded, a car was found turned over, the five passengers inside were declared dead on scene.
  • Those floodwaters would eventually find their way into the San Joaquin River.
  • Seven people required water rescue after their cars stalled in floodwaters.
  • The bridge is designed so floodwaters pass over it and minimise the risk of damage.
  • Residential units were built on top of stone platforms to raise them above the level of the rain season floodwaters.
  • Two people had to be rescued by boat when their car was overcome by the floodwaters.
  • Most wooden buildings were carried away in the floodwaters.
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