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  • It is long and high and has the capacity to hold of floodwater.
  • Some areas received as much as fourteen feet of floodwater.
  • After the levees were built to help with the floodwater, people saw the need for a town government.
  • Rail line was relocated to the elevation shown in order to remain above floodwater levels.
  • Two gates at the tunnel entrance will pass up to of floodwater.
  • During the rains, the Fort gets surrounded by floodwater except at one point.
  • The floodwater was fresh water, so the land did not have to be desalinated again.
  • Floodwater rescues had been made difficult due to washed out roads and poor communications after the storm.
  • During high water the Calenberg still rises like an island in the surrounding floodwater.
  • The land there is roughly 2 m higher than that around it, keeping it well above most floodwater.
  • The eastern end of the island was one of the last places in the UK to be drained of floodwater.
  • Residents who remained were placed under a boil-water order for fear that floodwater had contaminated the public drinking water system.
  • An entire family was reported to have drowned after their house was inundated by rising floodwater.
  • Lake Okeechobee's water level rose by as a result of floodwater rushing into the lake.
  • The fire was later determined to have been caused by an electrical problem that had resulted from the large amounts of floodwater.
  • A levee bank was built on the eastern side to protect the adjacent residential areas from floodwater.
  • Some, realizing the danger, tried to escape by running towards high ground but most people were hit by the surging floodwater.
  • Two communities were isolated during the storm; a total of 160 people were also cut off by floodwater.
  • The bridge was originally built with three spans, but was later extended to four spans, to allow more space for floodwater.
  • This is because any amount of standing floodwater requires extensive repairs, during which the house may not be habitable.
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