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  • Levees and floodwalls constructed on the back side of the canal help protect settled areas from flooding.
  • This design was not well received, as it relied on traditional flood control measures including straightening the main channel and constructing high floodwalls.
  • T-walls have a horizontal concrete base that protects against soil erosion underneath the floodwalls.
  • These trail heads offer breaks in the dikes or floodwalls so that pedestrians can access the Greenway.
  • The 1993 flood, however, did no damage as the new floodwalls held up, and protected Armourdale from waters.
  • The Des Moines River had some minor flooding, but floodwalls and levees for the most part held fast.
  • Examinations afterwards showed that water levels in these locations never topped the floodwalls, but instead the levees failed with a water level supposedly within their safe tolerance.
  • The project called for constructing higher and stronger earthen levees and floodwalls and additional pumping stations.
  • A major project of upgrading the floodwalls and bridges along the Canal was begun in 1999.
  • High water splashed over the floodwalls onto new splash guards (designed to prevent foundation erosion), but the walls were not breached.
  • The project was to construct a series of control structures, concrete floodwalls, and levees to provide hurricane protection to areas around Lake Pontchartrain.
  • The levees and floodwalls were rebuilt in 2004, but the design for those changes still assumed that the channel bed would be maintained by dredging.
  • There are of levees and floodwalls that line the sides of the canals.
  • Examinations have shown that high water never topped the floodwalls; the flooding was due to engineering failure of the levees and floodwalls.
  • Subsequently, concrete floodwalls were constructed to replace the levees.
  • There was significant destruction to the areas just outside of the floodwalls, including at Little Woods and at West End near the mouth of the 17th Street Canal.
  • Storm surge from the MRGO is also a leading suspect in the three breaches of floodwalls along the Industrial Canal.
  • Other uses include retaining walls, temporary floodwalls, silt filtration from runoff, for small or temporary/permanent dams, river training, or channel lining.
  • The project includes construction of of levees and floodwalls, a control structure at Hart Ditch, and almost of hiking trails.
  • The levees and floodwalls along the lake faced elevated levels but none of the levees or floodwalls were overtopped, contrary to initial reports from government officials.
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