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  • The old floodwall will then be removed once construction of the new wall is complete.
  • The new T-wall will be built on the flood side of the existing floodwall.
  • The entire reach of the existing floodwall will be replaced with a larger, more robust T-wall.
  • However, three local fire captains confirmed with video footage that the floodwall had failed before water reached the top.
  • A report noted that there was at least one place where the water came within inches of topping the floodwall.
  • This type of coupure is also known as vehicle gate, floodwall gate or similar names.
  • A floodwall cut through the development, and the remaining cottages were soon in poor repair.
  • This floodwall was finally built in the late 1960s.
  • The berm also acts as a floodwall around the entire stadium.
  • At very few points in its course is the river confined by levees, except for a floodwall near Holbrook.
  • Construction of the floodwall in the early 1950s protected the structure from flooding, but blocked the river view from the lower two stories.
  • A floodwall is required to contain the rivers and protect the area from devastating floods.
  • Much of Huntington was also heavily damaged, and as a result, a floodwall was constructed around much of the town to prevent future occurrences.
  • Floodwaters from the floodwall breach inundated large parts of the neighborhood in a matter of minutes.
  • From Floodwall's first construction in 2007, Napoli has installed it in multiple ways.
  • An extensive floodwall protection system was designed and built by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1951.
  • Davenport is the largest city bordering the Mississippi that has no permanent floodwall or levee.
  • The floodwater should only reach the base of the Paducah floodwall.
  • Following the 1965 flood funds were sought from the Federal government for the installation of a floodwall.
  • The arena is part of a $450 million project that includes a 975-car parking structure and floodwall.
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