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  • There was only about a week's break between these two massive floods.
  • What makes flash floods most dangerous is their sudden nature and fast moving water.
  • The smaller floods would fill up the low lying area and would also cover some of the streets.
  • During the city's history several floods have occurred, the last in the late 1970s.
  • During floods the river can be as wide as across.
  • The floods of the valley came and went depending on long-scale climate change.
  • This will eventually lead to an increased risk of floods in southern England and south-western Ireland.
  • Since then, there have been minor floods but nothing as severe.
  • The levee was designed to provide protection from floods at levels expected once every one hundred years.
  • They cannot control extreme floods, they have only made medium-level floods less frequent.
  • It is long by wide, and is subject to sudden and dangerous floods.
  • The government began to focus on the control of floods rather than drainage.
  • In more recent history, a number of severe floods have struck various regions that the river flows through.
  • There have been many other floods in prehistoric times, of equal or greater size.
  • In addition, the numerous floods of the Yellow River have caused significant damage from time to time.
  • Fish, such as the weather fish, make use of floods in order to reach new habitats.
  • The floods damaged about one-third of buildings, including some more than 350 years old.
  • It has caused many historic floods, the most recent having been in 1980.
  • They work as fixed weir at times by allowing over-flow for common floods.
  • Acting under Frank's influence, he floods his school by damaging a water main.
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Root form of floods is flood for both verb and noun.

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Meaning of floods

  • noun The rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land
    plains fertilized by annual inundations
  • noun An overwhelming number or amount
    a flood of requests, a torrent of abuse
  • noun Light that is a source of artificial illumination having a broad beam; used in photography
  • noun A large flow
  • noun The act of flooding; filling to overflowing
  • verb Cover with liquid, usually water
    The swollen river flooded the village, The broken vein had flooded blood in her eyes
  • verb Supply with an excess of
    flood the market with tennis shoes, Glut the country with cheap imports from the Orient
  • verb Become filled to overflowing
    Our basement flooded during the heavy rains